Today is the day! The opening of my website and associated webshop. Exciting!

After a few years I lift my hobby to a higher level. You can read here how it al started.

My leather goods

All leather goods are cut out by hand, with attention to detail and made from carefully selected leather. Each piece is made to order and is therefore unique.

Most of the products I offer are made from vegetable tanned leather. During this unique, specific tanning process only tannin acid from different plants is used, using the bark, branches, leaves or even some fruits. No chemicals are involved. Vegetable tanned leather is durable and develops a beautiful patina over time. It is biodegradable and does not pose a danger to humans and nature.

My creations are mostly hand stitched. I’m using a saddle stitch for this. The saddle stitch is the most popular way to sew leather, and that’s for a good reason. It is one of the most sustainable ways to sew leather because a knot is placed in each stitch. This way, when the thread breaks only one stitch unravels instead of the whole line as is the case with machines.

It wil be clearly indicated in the shop when a product is made from vegetable tanned leather and/or when something is hand sewn.

Occasionally unique pieces or limited editions will be available. These products are often produced once or in limited quantities. Being fast is definitely the message (so make sure to take a look on a regular basis)!

Waiting Times

Since I’m a starter and also have a full-time job beside leather crafting, I do not have a stock. Your purchase will only be made once the order has been completed. This means it can take up to four weeks to complete your order for small leather goods and up to eight weeks for larger products (such as handbags).

Do you have an idea or a special request? Feel free to contact me, we’ll look at the possibilities together.

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